@SimplySantaFeNM Voted First Place Best Instagram Feed in the 2018 Best of Santa Fe

@SimplySantaFeNM Best of Santa Fe 2018

We thought the best way to post about being awarded First Place as The Best Instagram Feed in Santa Fe was to create a mosaic of all of YOUR photos! You all are the reason this #SimplySantaFe community has gotten to be as great as it is today and we could not do it without you.⠀
Since 2014, we’ve featured almost 2,000 photos from Santa Fe’s Instagram community here on @SimplySantaFeNM, sharing about local businesses, upcoming events, insider tips, and of course beauty shots from The City Different. We’re proud of how warm, welcoming, and inclusive this group is. ⠀
THANK YOU for voting us #1 for @sfreporter’s 2018 Best of Santa Fe! 

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Best Santa Fe New Mexico Instagram Feed @SimplySantaFeNM

Simply Social Media on the Social Influencers Panel at the 2018 New Mexico True Governor’s Conference on Hospitality and Tourism

 Amy Tischler and Caitlin Jenkins on the "Social influencers, the travel writers of tomorrow" panel on May 8, 2018. Photo by Kitty Stebbins @this.kitty

Amy Tischler and Caitlin Jenkins on the "Social influencers, the travel writers of tomorrow" panel on May 8, 2018. Photo by Kitty Stebbins @this.kitty


We love talking about what we do! Especially when we have such a receptive audience as the one we had at the 2018 #NewMexicoTrue Governor’s Conference on Hospitality and Tourism presented by New Mexico Hospitality Association at the Inn of the Mountain Gods! We were asked to sit on the panel for "Social influencers, the travel writers of tomorrow - how to frame your destination or property to the next generation of travel thought leaders."

Great conversation with our fellow panelists Casey Messer, Marissa Le of The Waite Company, and Florian Herrmann of Herrmann Global. Excellent moderation by Jordan Gunther that combined information, case studies, and anecdotes (hope you have a great time at Hyatt Regency Tamaya, Jordan! Thanks for the influencer shoutout - you’re hired! 😉). Thanks to all the attendees for great questions and engagement with our passion projects! ✨

Hashtag Tip: Keyboard Shortcut

Do you have a collection of hashtags that you frequently use but don’t want to have to remember every single one or type them in manually each time? Here is our favorite time saving tip!

How to Create a Keyboard Shortcut (Text Replacement):

It is helpful start by creating a Note on your mobile device. Type out different categories for hashtags and every hashtag you can think of that you use when you post about that topic.

Simply Social Media hashtag note example.jpg

Next, create a Text Replacement (Keyboard Shortcut) 
iOS: Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement
Android: Settings > Language & Input > Personal Dictionary

In the "phrase" section, type (or copy/paste) hashtags that you want to remember. Then in the "shortcut" section use a keyword that applies to these hashtags. You can create as many shortcuts as you need and have different hashtags in different shortcuts if needed.

One of the things we found useful was to add "ig" before each keyword since we use these shortcuts the most on Instagram. We figured this out after creating a hashtag category for "beer hashtags" and then every time we typed the word "beer" the hashtags would autopopulate even when that was not our intention. After we switched the shortcut keyword to "igbeer", we don't run into that issue anymore!

Simply Social Media hashtag Keyboard Shortcut Text Replacement .jpg

Remember: capitalization does not matter in hashtags, they are not case sensitive. We occasionally use capitalization to help draw attention to the words used in the hashtags and so they are easy to read. It is NOT necessary to put commas in between hashtags. It’s technically not even necessary to put spaces between hashtags, but that becomes a jumbled mess of characters so we don’t recommend omitting spaces altogether.

There you go! We would love to know what you thought about this tip and which categories you have created for your hashtag shortcuts.

How to Correctly Utilize User-Generated Content on Social Media

A brand can reasonably assume that if a person shares a photo on social media and tagged the brand in the photo and/or used the brand's hashtag means they intended for the company to see it and hopefully share or repost it. The most common way that this happens is through the use of a specific hashtag, which can convincingly be argued would only be used by consumers aware of the company’s campaign and gives implied consent. 

Here are 4 Key Rules When Utilizing User-Generated Content:

  1. Photo credit must always be given to the photographer.

    • Example: Photo by @username, Photo credit: @username, 📷: @username, etc.

  2. Do not make any changes to the photograph. For example, do not crop, edit, or add text to the photo in any way without explicit permission from the photographer.

  3. Copyright of images will always be retained by the photographer so if a business or brand wants to use an image found on social media for purposes other than sharing on their social media channels, it is best practice to ask permission from the photographer before using the image on any sort of marketing material, print or digital. Businesses and brands may ask for permission through social media via commenting or direct messaging.

  4. If images are to be used outside of social media, always discuss with the photographer first.

    • Ways to Ask Permission:

      • Comment on photo asking for permission to repost image or what your intentions would be for that image.

      • Direct Message the photographer asking for permission & explaining usage intentions.

When in doubt about what to do the safest route is to ask permission from the photographer that way there is no misunderstanding.

 An App we use is called Repost. It can put the photographer's Instagram username on the image/video or for $1 you can upgrade to remove this feature.

An App we use is called Repost. It can put the photographer's Instagram username on the image/video or for $1 you can upgrade to remove this feature.


Vocabulary Terms for Sharing USG on Social Media

  • Repost (Instagram)

  • Retweet/Quote Tweet (Twitter)

  • Share (Facebook)

Disclaimer: This information should not be construed as legal advice or legal opinion. You should not rely on any such information as legal advice without actually consulting with legal counsel.

@SimplySantaFeNM Voted Second Place Best Instagram Feed in the 2017 Best of Santa Fe

Photo by @lisaadamsreed

We are humbled by the Santa Fe skies AND our #SimplySantaFe community for nominating and voting @SimplySantaFeNM into the top three Best Instagram accounts for #BOSF2017. It's a vote for yourselves as much as it is for us because we couldn't do it without you. Thank you all for being the most creative, supportive, and talented group of 'grammers it is our privilege to know! Photo by @lisaadamsreed

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Best Instagram Account Santa Fe New Mexico 2017

@SimplySantaFeNM Turns 2!

@SimplySantaFeNM Turns 2!

We CANNOT BELIEVE it’s been TWO years already! Today marks the two year anniversary of #simplysantafe and we are so incredibly thankful for all of you in this community and how far we’ve come together. In the second year of curating @simplysantafenm, we have gained 10,400 followers, posted 631 times, hosted 8 InstaMeets, 7 Photo Contests, 1 Scavenger Hunt and THREE Photography Exhibitions. We also took home the title of 1st Place for @bestofsantafe Best Instagram Feed from @santafereporter (thanks to all of YOU who voted for us)! As a community, you all contributed to the 38,745 photos under the #simplysantafe hashtag since last year and showcased your amazing talent. We seriously could not do what we do without you guys and are humbled and honored to keep this going! Thank you for submitting amazing images, coming to our events, supporting our mission, and allowing us to turn our passion into an amazingly successful platform. We've never missed a day of posting, have featured a wide variety of images, videos, and photographers and hopefully we have cultivated an awareness about the power of Instagram for individuals and businesses. ✨📸✨ 

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@SimplySantaFeNM Voted First Place Best Instagram Feed in the 2016 Best of Santa Fe

@SimplySantaFeNM Voted First Place Best of Santa Fe 2016

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! We are so incredibly honored to have won the @sfreporter category for "Best Instagram Feed" 2016! We can't begin to describe how much this means to us or how totally thankful we are for the community who got us here. We're speechless (and if you know us, that's saying A LOT!) #SimplySantaFe exists because of the incredible photographers who love Santa Fe as much as we do and who so generously show that love on Instagram. We happily share this honor with all of YOU! It's a win for us all. 
To celebrate, we'll be doing a takeover of the @sfraroundtown #Instagram account for the #BOSF2016 Block Party THIS Friday, 7/29. Food, drinks, giveaways, photo booth, vendor booths, #InstaSquare and the @thejayhawksofficial! Join us! 

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Thanks to all 10,000 of You for making 2015 so #SimplySantaFe!


Watching our follower count this morning was like watching the ball drop for New Years! 9997, 9998, 9999, 10k!!!! We are unbelievably thankful to have the support of this talented #SimplySantaFe Instagram community and with the 30k photos you all have shared with us this past year. 
Congratulations to the Instagrammers whose photos made it into the @simplysantafenm #2015bestnine:
@sherylcancellieri @therealangeloromero@montana.walcott @sofiamileti@anibanim @taosdawn @dumbledoresgirl@percystith & @saroxox
Thank you all for helping us reach this amazing milestone today and we can't wait to see the imagery you create in 2016! 
Sincerely, Caitlin & Amy of Simply Social Media (@simplysocialnm)

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