Client Love Letters - Richard Barger, David Richard Gallery

David Richard Gallery (DRG) worked with Simply Social Media (SSM) on several projects. After a joint brainstorming session, SSM came up with projects and events that DRG was excited about and worked closely with them for the implementation.  SSM is very honest when analyzing events in regards to their true potential for working successfully and producing results.  At the end of a project, SSM delivers an easy to read and understandable report that details the number of posts, their reach and overall impressions for the campaign.   

SSM trained our staff regarding the best practices for using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They have also worked with DRG to create several national ads for both Facebook and Instagram targeting narrow demographics as well as broad markets.  SSM analyzed our social media campaigns to determine the best times of day to target our desired audience and the type of ad that they respond to the best.

The Instagram and Facebook events that SSM created with DRG reached 90,000 people and produced over 500,000 impressions.  There were over 90,000 people on social media talking about the specific hashtags used for the events.

David Richard Gallery has enjoyed working with and been very pleased with the results of the campaigns developed by Simply Social Media.

Richard Barger
David Richard Gallery, LLC