What is an InstaMeet?

Instagrammers at the #sfoRSJ InstaMeet at Santa Fe Opera hosted by @simplysantafenm, July 20, 2017.

Instagrammers at the #sfoRSJ InstaMeet at Santa Fe Opera hosted by @simplysantafenm, July 20, 2017.


Instameets are gatherings of people coming together to create, connect and share an experience through Instagram photography. The events usually involve a behind the scenes tour, access to something that isn’t normally available to the general public, or giveaways of product in support of the promotion. Instameets have a unique hashtag designated to identify the particular event. Users include this hashtag in the caption of their images so they will be part of the conversation and social media storytelling told through the collection of photographs produced at that event. Many Instagrammers have developed real connections and friendships with the people they have met through these experiences, making each subsequent gathering a true community event.  

The participants who come to the Instameets vary depending on their interest in what the event has to offer. The images produced during and after an event have potential to reach an international demographic because posts are seen by a diverse group of followers.  

The benefits of hosting or participating in an InstaMeet are threefold:

  1. The event brings people to your brick and mortar location and/or brand awareness.

  2. Your business/organization receives publicity through the images produced at your location as they are broadcast to the Instagrammers diverse social media networks.

  3. Your business then has a collection of “User Generated Content” which can be used to promote your business/organization on your social media platforms, with proper photo credit. (Learn more about UGC in our blog post “How to Correctly Utilize User-Generated Content on Social Media”.)

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly prevalent on social media. In fact, it on is on pace to become an $8 billion dollar industry by 2020. More and more businesses are using it, and hosting an InstaMeet event is a great way to work with several influencers at one time. As the leading influencer marketing agency in New Mexico, we can help you create an InstaMeet event that benefits everyone involved.