Worldwide InstaMeet 12: #TodayIMet

Worldwide InstaMeet 12: #TodayIMet

Hosted by @SimplySantaFeNM and @HowToSantaFe
Second Street Brewery
1607 Paseo de Peralta Suite #10
Saturday, October 3rd, 3:00-6:00 pm


Santa Fe, NM—Instagram is not just an app. Over the past year, trailblazing local accounts @SimplySantaFeNM and @HowToSantaFe have mounted myriad adventures that turned digital followers into real-life friends. For Instagram's fifth birthday in October, they'll converge to celebrate a diverse community of Santa Fe photographers, and capture their colorful stories using the special hashtags #TodayIMet and #WWIM12_santafe. @SimplySantaFeNM and @HowToSantaFe are excited to announce Worldwide InstaMeet 12 (#WWIM12), a photo-sharing celebration starting at Second Street Brewery in the Santa Fe Railyard on Saturday, October 3rd beginning at 3:00 pm.

Instameets are a gathering of people coming together to create, connect and share through Instagram photography. The events usually involve a behind the scenes tour or access to something that isn’t normally available to the general public.  

@SimplySantaFeNM is a photo sharing project which aims to connect the community through featuring images that help promote all things #local in Santa Fe, NM. The account has a dedicated base of over 6,700 followers, with an average weekly engagement (likes & comments) count of 4,100, post reach of 132,000 and weekly post impressions of 611,000. These statistics translate to real relationships, personal and business. "Instagram is about making virtual connections real and building a community of like-minded people," says co-founder of simply social media, the company that owns and curates @SimplySantaFeNM.  Tischler met her business partner and collaborator Caitlin E. Jenkins through Instagram and since then they have built a thriving business based around their expertise of the platform. “#TodayIMet is the perfect theme for this event. @SimplySantaFeNM is living proof that Instagram can be a powerful community connector," Tischler says.

In 2014, the City of Santa Fe contracted @HowToSantaFe to tell the City Different's social media story, kickstarting an explosive trend among residents, visitors and businesses. In its first summer, the campaign generated over 52.3 million impressions, reaching 4.9 million people worldwide. Santa Fe County contracted @HowToSantaFe for a second summer in 2015, and the project reached 6.4 million people. "This InstaMeet is truly a global event, and we're proud that Santa Fe has been an innovative leader for the movement," says Adam Shaening-Pokrasso, founder of local creative agency 12FPS, which runs @HowToSantaFe. "It's exciting to celebrate the community that formed around our projects. It's time to #MakePortraits!"

@HowToSantaFe and @SimplySantaFeNM's Worldwide InstaMeet 12 is free and open to Instagram enthusiasts of all stripes and ages, from early adopters to recent converts. The event begins and ends at Second Street Brewery, with a special walking tour of the Santa Fe Railyard and the Railyard Park. For additional information please email or call us at 505-231-1122.