Press Release: Grassroots marketing business Simply Social Media invites Instagram photographers backstage for a sneak peek at Steve Jobs opera.


What/Who: Grassroots marketing business Simply Social Media invites Instagram photographers backstage for a sneak peek at Steve Jobs opera.

When: InstaMeets will take place during dress rehearsals on June 26 and 29, and July 13, 20 and 27. The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs officially debuts on July 22 and runs through August 25.

Where: Santa Fe Opera, 301 Opera Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87506

Contact: Amy Tischler and Caitlin Jenkins,


Santa Fe, NM— The Santa Fe Opera brings the epic tale of Steve Jobs to the stage this summer, complete with high tech set pieces and a kinetic electro-acoustic score. When The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs makes its world premiere at the legendary Southwestern opera house in late July, the set won’t be the only thing that glows. Some of the region’s top Instagram photographers will light up the mezzanine—and infiltrate hidden corners of the iconic plein air performance venue. Santa Fe Opera’s partnership with Simply Social Media, a Santa Fe-based digital marketing consultancy, breaks all the rules of traditional opera outreach efforts. Their ongoing series of gatherings, known as “InstaMeets," broadcasts spectacular imagery by independent photographers to an audience of millions. Together, they’re stoking a regional photography movement that’s shaping the story of the Southwest on the world stage. Apple’s most groundbreaking invention kickstarted it all.

“This is a confluence of everything we’re about: art making, storytelling, iPhone photography,” says Amy Tischler, cofounder of Simply Social Media. “After our first meeting with the Santa Fe Opera, we just about exploded with excitement.” That was in spring 2015, a few weeks before the opera season started. Tischler and her business partner, Caitlin E. Jenkins, were working on transforming their popular local Instagram account @simplysantafenm and its accompanying hashtag #simplysantafe into a grassroots marketing business. They swiftly planned two InstaMeets that invited local photographers to explore traditionally off-limits parts of the opera house with iPhones in hand. Since then, they’ve produced a number of gatherings at the venue with an exponentially growing online impact. “Last season, we had over 1.25 million Instagram impressions and 6 million Twitter impressions,” says Jenkins. “We told Santa Fe Opera’s story to an international audience.”

Santa Fe Opera’s 2017 season, which runs from June through August, marks the third year of the collaboration. It’s a remarkable shift for the 61-year-old institution: just a few years ago, photography was universally banned inside the venue. “We know that word of mouth is the top seller, so it was time to embrace that social media is the most useful outreach tool we have,” says Daniel Zillmann, Santa Fe Opera’s Director of Media & Public Relations. “The whole experience is so visual, and you can’t encompass that enough by just talking about it. You have to show it to the people.” Tischler and Jenkins had never attended an opera before the InstaMeets, and many of the photographers they attract represent a brand new audience as well. “There are a lot of perceived barriers to opera,” says Daisy Geoffrey, who is Zillmann’s assistant. “These social media events show that everyone is welcome, and anyone can really enjoy it. It’s the most direct way to reach everyone in town—and a much larger audience beyond that.”

A new series of InstaMeets for the Steve Jobs production will take place during dress rehearsals on June 26 and 29, and July 13, 20 and 27. The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs officially debuts on July 22 and runs through August 25. For Tischler and Jenkins, planning events for the show was a moment of pure, Silicon Valley-level synergy. “It’s the pinnacle of what we’ve been doing,” says Tischler. “We rely so heavily on the iPhone in our business, and now we’re literally going behind-the-scenes to explore the life of Apple’s top mastermind.” The opera is non-linear, illuminating dramatic moments in Jobs’ life that culminate in his quest for human connection and spiritual transcendence. That’s the goal of the InstaMeets as well: to convert digital links into “IRL” interactions. “We’re closing that loop, one photography adventure at a time,” says Jenkins. “It starts in the virtual world, enters the real world, and then lights up the digital landscape again.”


#HBDtravelnm - Instagram Road Trip celebrating @TravelNewMexico's First Birthday!

HBDtravelNM RGB.jpg

It’s a @TravelNewMexico Birthday Road Trip!

Love New Mexico? Love a road trip? @TravelNewMexico loves both! @TravelNewMexico is a signature Instagram account that has rocketed to prominence by inviting guest Instagrammers to do a “takeover” of the account and share their love for unique New Mexico on-the-road adventures through imagery and stories.

Inspired by a road trip, this wildly popular IG project garnered over 17,000 followers in just over a year by engaging with a creative, motivated and supportive community. With so many amazing places to visit in New Mexico, it quickly became apparent that no one person or organization could possibly do justice to the beauty and diversity of the Land of Enchantment. Amy and Caitlin, owners of Simply Social Media and co-creators/curators of @TravelNewMexico, simply decided to share the wealth!

To celebrate this occasion, Amy and Caitlin will embark on an exciting seven-day journey, covering 1000 miles from May 9-15, 2016, that will lead them on an adventure throughout southwestern New Mexico. Starting in Santa Fe, they’ll be traveling to Albuquerque, Socorro, Silver City, Las Cruces, and White Sands, before returning with iPhones full of memorable imagery. The itinerary includes camping, hiking, and exploring some of New Mexico’s most fascinating landscapes including: The Very Large Array, the Gila Cliff Dwellings, City of Rocks State Park, the Organ Mountains, and White Sands National Monument. Along the way, @TravelNewMexico and other local Instagram feature accounts will host a series of fun InstaMeets to meet-and-greet IRL (in real life) the local IG communities with whom they have bonded over the past year. (An InstaMeet is a gathering of people who come together to create, connect, and share an experience through Instagram photography.)

This road-trip extravaganza honors @TravelNewMexico’s milestone first birthday and offers Instagrammers, both locals and NM-loving visitors, an ideal opportunity to join in the celebration and connect with New Mexico’s vibrant social media community!

This road trip will be sponsored by Squeaky Clean Car Wash. On May 9th, from 8:30-9:30am, Squeaky Clean Car Wash will  host a Bon Voyage Party, at their 3931 Cerrillos Road location in Santa Fe, to send @TravelNewMexico off on this inspirational spring adventure.  All who attend the event will receive a free exterior car wash, as well as coffee and doughnuts provided by Squeaky Clean Car Wash.

Visit for more road trip and InstaMeet details!

#SocialSantaFe Social Media Marketing Strategies & Shortcuts Workshop

Presented by Simply Social Media & Cherry Pie Social
Sponsored by Drury Plaza Hotel
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Palace Ballroom
Friday, January 22nd, 2016

We are thrilled to announce tickets are available now for the Social Media Marketing Strategies & Shortcuts Workshop. This event will be co-hosted by Simply Social Media & Cherry Pie Social on Friday, January 22 at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico from 10am-4pm. Whether you are a small business-owner or a professional involved in the advertising or marketing aspect of a business, you need to keep up with the ever-changing and fast paced world of social media. Gone are the days of marketing only through traditional media which was a one-way conversation. People are going to talk about your business on social media and you have to position yourself to be ready to manage conversations and engage with your customers and clients.

This workshop will be jam-packed with information, strategies and shortcuts that will take you to the next level and show you how to use social media effectively and efficiently. At the end of the workshop, we’ll put what you’ve learned to the test with an InstaTweet (practical application of content creation and strategies on Instagram & Twitter) while touring the beautiful Drury Plaza Hotel. The after party will be held on the roof-top at the new Bar Alto!

Learn more information about the presenters by visiting their websites;
Simply Social Media

Cherry Pie Social

#NarcissusGram Social Media Workshop and Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Santa Fe Community Gallery
201 W Marcy St, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Saturday, December 5th, 1:00- 4:00 pm

Santa Fe, NM: With over 225 million images using the hashtag “selfie” on Instagram, the social media self portrait isn't going anywhere. Is it narcissism or is it self expression? Are we merely seeking attention or are we celebrating our self esteem?

We're thrilled to be collaborating with the Santa Fe Arts Commission in their newest exhibition "Narcissus, The Portrait in the Digital Age". Join us as we examine this topic at our Social Media Workshop. Then we’ll explore our own definition of selfies and portraits and what they mean to us through a “Selfie Scavenger Hunt”. We’ll have a series of photo prompts, including photo booth magic from the imaginations of the Strangers Collective, a local art collective! These prompts will challenge you to delve into how you depict yourself through photography. Complete all the prompts and you'll be entered into raffles from our prize sponsors! So bring your selfie stick, a spirit of adventure and most importantly a healthy sense of humor!

Find more information at

Worldwide InstaMeet 12: #TodayIMet

Worldwide InstaMeet 12: #TodayIMet

Hosted by @SimplySantaFeNM and @HowToSantaFe
Second Street Brewery
1607 Paseo de Peralta Suite #10
Saturday, October 3rd, 3:00-6:00 pm


Santa Fe, NM—Instagram is not just an app. Over the past year, trailblazing local accounts @SimplySantaFeNM and @HowToSantaFe have mounted myriad adventures that turned digital followers into real-life friends. For Instagram's fifth birthday in October, they'll converge to celebrate a diverse community of Santa Fe photographers, and capture their colorful stories using the special hashtags #TodayIMet and #WWIM12_santafe. @SimplySantaFeNM and @HowToSantaFe are excited to announce Worldwide InstaMeet 12 (#WWIM12), a photo-sharing celebration starting at Second Street Brewery in the Santa Fe Railyard on Saturday, October 3rd beginning at 3:00 pm.

Instameets are a gathering of people coming together to create, connect and share through Instagram photography. The events usually involve a behind the scenes tour or access to something that isn’t normally available to the general public.  

@SimplySantaFeNM is a photo sharing project which aims to connect the community through featuring images that help promote all things #local in Santa Fe, NM. The account has a dedicated base of over 6,700 followers, with an average weekly engagement (likes & comments) count of 4,100, post reach of 132,000 and weekly post impressions of 611,000. These statistics translate to real relationships, personal and business. "Instagram is about making virtual connections real and building a community of like-minded people," says co-founder of simply social media, the company that owns and curates @SimplySantaFeNM.  Tischler met her business partner and collaborator Caitlin E. Jenkins through Instagram and since then they have built a thriving business based around their expertise of the platform. “#TodayIMet is the perfect theme for this event. @SimplySantaFeNM is living proof that Instagram can be a powerful community connector," Tischler says.

In 2014, the City of Santa Fe contracted @HowToSantaFe to tell the City Different's social media story, kickstarting an explosive trend among residents, visitors and businesses. In its first summer, the campaign generated over 52.3 million impressions, reaching 4.9 million people worldwide. Santa Fe County contracted @HowToSantaFe for a second summer in 2015, and the project reached 6.4 million people. "This InstaMeet is truly a global event, and we're proud that Santa Fe has been an innovative leader for the movement," says Adam Shaening-Pokrasso, founder of local creative agency 12FPS, which runs @HowToSantaFe. "It's exciting to celebrate the community that formed around our projects. It's time to #MakePortraits!"

@HowToSantaFe and @SimplySantaFeNM's Worldwide InstaMeet 12 is free and open to Instagram enthusiasts of all stripes and ages, from early adopters to recent converts. The event begins and ends at Second Street Brewery, with a special walking tour of the Santa Fe Railyard and the Railyard Park. For additional information please email or call us at 505-231-1122.