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La Bohème #sfoInstaMeet

We are hosting three smaller invite-only Influencer Events at Santa Fe Opera this year. Participants will be taken on a private tour of Santa Fe Opera, treated to a champagne dinner joined by a member of the production team, and given preferential seating during a dress rehearsal performance where we will have an excellent view for photographing the show. This year we are looking for influencers who have an active presence on Twitter in addition to Instagram.

If you are an influencer and would like to apply for a spot at this event, please complete the form below.

Please note: The date of this event might change.

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Sung in: Italian
Opera Synopsis: 
Young and poor and consumed with love, six Bohemians lead “charming and terrible lives” in 19th-century Paris. Living in Latin Quarter garrets, furnished mostly with hope for the future. Strolling medieval streets crowded with toy vendors, fruit sellers, street urchins and military bands. They fraternize with famous writers and artists at the Café Momus and find their places in a rapidly changing society. They taste the freedom and perils of a freelance economy, and brave epidemics of passion and jealousy, sorrow, and loss.

Conductor Jader Bignamini and director Mary Birnbaum bring Puccini’s boisterous, poignant, heartbreaking score to life onstage.

See it with someone you love.