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#VisitTaosPhoto Food & Landscape Photo Contest

We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with @visittaos AGAIN to host another great Photo Contest! Taos, NM has a fabulous selection of Instagrammable landscapes and food. We want to see your best shots, so get your cameras out and ready to find Food & Landscape in Taos June 17 - June 24! First and second place prizes of Visa Gift Cards will be awarded for both categories. 📸

Rules for participation in the #VisitTaosPhoto Photo Contest: • Images must be posted to Instagram using the hashtag #VisitTaosPhoto between the dates of June 17 - June 24, 2018.
•Participants must have a PUBLIC Instagram account to be eligible (otherwise the images are not viewable on the hashtag feed).
•Participants must follow the @visittaos and @travelnewmexico Instagram accounts.
•Instagrammers have full creative license over subject material but are encouraged to submit imagery based on the categories of Food & Landscape.
•Images from the hashtag will be judged by The Town of Taos Tourism Department and their representatives. All decisions about winning photographs are made at the discretion of these organizations and are final.

Visit this link for complete details:
#visittaos #travelnm #travelnewmexico#photocontest #newmexicotrue #taosnm

Need some inspiration? See what’s going on in Taos during the week of our photo contest: