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Meta Media Conference Santa Fe 2019

Digital and Social Media Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The first annual MMCSF:2019 conference is brought to the city of Santa Fe by the leaders in social media and the digital marketing team of Simply Social Media New Mexico, Amy Tischler and Caitlin Jenkins. Their unique blend of social media management, strategy, content creation, and influencer events drives their successful business and they aim to share their success.

What Is It About?

Topics will include: Social Media Strategy and More!

Who Should Attend?

✓ Artists
✓ Photographers
✓ Framers
✓ Illustrators
✓ Animators
✓ Graphic Designers
✓ Writers
✓ YOU!

The 2019 Meta Media Conference takes place in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the Drury Plaza Hotel.
Address: 828 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501