Simply Social Media’s flagship lifestyle macro-influencer Instagram account, @SimplySantaFeNM, was created in December 2014 with the specific purpose of supporting local Santa Fe businesses, organizations and creatives through a community building, grassroots effort. It is designed as a feature account, and the photos and videos we feature are chosen from among the 150,000+ posts tagged with our signature hashtag #simplysantafe.

We understand that not every small business or entrepreneur has a marketing budget for paid advertising, and with that in mind, we developed a unique strategy in order to give back to our local community and to the people whose talent and dedication make our city such a vibrant place. We invite people to use our hashtag on their Instagram posts for a chance to be featured on our account.

If you are interested in having us publish a specific promotional post and message to our community through a feature on @SimplySantaFeNM, please contact us for options and rates.

After I started using the hashtag #simplysantafe, @SimplySantaFeNM featured a photo of my studio on their account and their caption perfectly portrayed who [Rise Barre] is as a business. I immediately noticed an increase in Instagram followers, website traffic, inquiries about classes, and new clients in the studio! With @SimplySantaFeNM’s large and diverse following, the feature brought in new clientele and energy from all over Santa Fe and our amazing neighboring communities. Thank you @SimplySantaFeNM!
— Prisma Avery, Owner of Rise Barre (@rise_barre)

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Our Instagram account has a following of 30K+ people located all over the world.
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When my husband and I decided we could move to Santa Fe, I wanted to learn all about the town we had fallen in love with. As an active Instagram user on the East Coast I did a search for Santa Fe accounts and immediately followed @SimplySantaFeNM. For the next eight months before we moved, I followed along and learned so much about things to do, and about this town we so dearly love. The best friends I’ve made here I found on Instagram through @SimplySantaFeNM, many before we even arrived here! The community Simply Social Media has built on Instagram is fantastic and welcoming (not to mention extremely talented!), and it’s made our transition here infinitely more enjoyable.
— Lisa Fulton (@haydenfold)

Why Use Our Hashtag #SimplySantaFe?

Including our hashtag on your Instagram posts of “all things Santa Fe” makes you a part of the wonderful community we have built over the past few years, and it also increases the potential reach of your post to a new audience.

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Thank you for putting your utmost effort in creating this Instagram account for people like us who like to stay connected to the beauties in Santa Fe. 💓 Yes! I am virtually there everyday! ✌️
— Leya Ognoskie (@leya_ognoskie)

Simply Social Media regularly invites members of the @SimplySantaFeNM community – anyone who uses the hashtag and follows the account – to attend influencer marketing events known as InstaMeets. In return for simply agreeing to post about the event, Instagrammers with an active and public Instagram account receive a one-of-a-kind opportunity to participate in these curated events and enjoy the unique experiences that are included. Learn about past and upcoming influencer events on our calendar page.

@SimplySantaFeNM’s Awards

We are humbled to have been voted into first or second place in the Santa Fe Reporter’s Best of Santa Fe over the four years of managing this account. We could not have built this community, however, without every single one of the creative and enthusiastic Instagrammers who use our hashtag and take photos in The City Different!


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