How @TravelNewMexico Takeovers Work

The theme of the @TravelNewMexico Instagram account is the documentation of New Mexico road trips. We do this through takeovers, meaning Instagrammers are posting images of their road trips or day trips through our account.

Full creative freedom is given to the Instagrammers in terms of imagery and storytelling. We're really interested in seeing and hearing your POV about our amazing state, especially how each image cohesively relates to your whole adventure. It can be a trip you've already taken or a place you spent time in...that's all up to you. We will say from experience that landscape and unique architecture or landmarks overwhelmingly resonate with our audience. Also, because of the algorithm changes your photos might not be seen in the order that they are posted so it’s a good idea to make each post it’s own story that is also part of your bigger travel story.

Travel takeovers are offered to individuals who wish to share their New Mexico road trip story and imagery with our community. If you are a business interested in doing a promotional takeover or post, please contact us for options and rates.

If you are interested in doing a takeover on our @TravelNewMexico account, please complete the form below. This form will add you to a list and we will reach out to you if we think you are a good fit. We get a lot of requests so we may not get back to you right away.

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